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English Learning School in Makati

FHI Academy aims to be a leader in the industry of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Dedicated to providing excellent education — our academy offers multiple programs depending on your English proficiency level. We promise the same quality of education as what the biggest international language schools offer.

Our Courses

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in learning English — we have courses to recommend depending on your proficiency level. We are your leading English learning center in Makati that offers a wide selection of programs that will suit to whichever field you are in.

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We have multiple programs to offer depending on whichever field you are in. We have classes for Business English, Survival English, Grammar, and more!

Adult English

We have a series of games and learning activities that every kid will definitely enjoy! Partner with us in teaching your child the basics in the English language.

Children English

We thought of your hectic schedule that is why we created online courses as well. Allow us to help you choose a program that will suit your English proficiency level.

Online English

We are the perfect choice for your examination counseling. We have preparation courses to help you ace IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and British International Teacher Certificate.

Examination Counseling

We help you attain proficiency in using the Filipino language as well. We guide you in learning the pronunciation, vocabulary, basic Q&A, and more!


We also help you learn Chinese! Get familiarize with the pronunciation, vocabulary, historical introductions, and more!


Faculty Members

At FHI Academy, you'll have experts assisting you throughout your learning journey. Our English learning school has instructors that are highly-trained in teaching the English language to non-native English speakers — they possess the best qualifications required in the EFL business to ensure progress in every student's learning.

Rey Lacaba

Rey has 12 years of experience teaching English for beginner and intermediate level students. He has also earned a TESOL certification.

Richmond Tieng

Richmond has two years of experience as a Corporate Trainer, one year experience as a School Administrator, and 14 years of experience as a Retreat and Team Building Facilitator. He has also earned units for Master of Arts in Preaching.

Jeff Turner

Jeff is an American Senior Teacher with 17 years of experience teaching English. He specializes in teaching speech writing as well.

Sally Mileva S.Dime

Sally has four years of experience in teaching English. She has also earned certificates for Teaching Program and ESL.

Veronica D.C.Redito

Veronica has more than seven years of experience teaching English and almost two years of experience teaching ESL in Singapore.

John Moseley

John is an American Senior Teacher with six years of experience teaching English. He specializes in teaching speech writing as well.


We don't bore ourselves with studying — At FHI Academy, we make learning fun and engaging! We have a series of enjoyable activities that will help every student to learn even more.

Wine Tasting

Become a wine connoisseur while learning English! Taste the different types of red wine from different parts of the world while happily studying the English language.

Coffee Klatch

Get your coffee fix at a cozy coffee shop every Friday! Have the opportunity to learn English in a comfortable environment.

Movie Night

Enjoy watching an English movie with your classmates every week! Watch and learn how people converse in English.