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Measure Your English Proficiency Level

Our English Proficiency Level chart will help you measure your familiarity with the language before enrolling in any course.

English Proficiency Level Language Familiarity Description
Beginner L0 Familiar with the pronunciation of the English alphabet.
Primary L1 to L3 Able to utilize basic grammar structure.
Pre Intermediate L4 to L6 Able to utilize survival English.
Intermediate L7 to L9 Able to utilize English in discussions — the words and grammar used are correct, but the expressions are limited.
Upper Intermediate L10 to L12 Able to communicate in English fluently — use different expressions and has a rich vocabulary.
Advanced L13 to L15 Able to communicate in English fluently — use different expressions, has a richer vocabulary, and can execute a smooth speech.
Expert L15 to more Able to utilize English like a native speaker of the language — can express strong opinions and logic.

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